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Myth #1  "We Offer Free Equipment"

The equipment may be "free" but you will pay for it many times over in some other way.  Any company will give you free equipment if they are adding on other fees in a different location.  Generally, the money will be made back with a "batch fee" or a hefty annual fee or simply an elevated price point.  "Free" equipment screams "hook."  There is nothing FREE about "free!"
* This does not apply to ATM's as there is no processing cost to the merchant.

Myth #2   "We Offer the Lowest Pricing in the Industry"

No one can really offer lower pricing than the other guy, so "lowest" is a misnomer.  It comes down to what the agent is WILLING to do for you or how knowledgeable you are about pricing.  If you are dealing with a representative, ask for cost plus pricing.  You should also research "interchange pricing. "Interchange" is the price that issuing banks issue the cards for.  "Rewards" cards for instance are "issued" with a higher price per swipe than credit cards. Research can save you a lot of money.  If you want a second opinion, give us a call.

Myth #3   "You Need to Change Equipment to be Compliant"

EMV compliance is coming, but it is common for sales people to RUSH you in order to sell a high priced machine and high priced processing.  Compliance will occur in 2015 and the machines will be under $500.  Don't be fooled by the "buy it today or else" line. See "EMV/VISA" on our home page.

Myth #4  "Leasing Will Save You Money in the Long Run"

Leasing agreements are generally put in place for the benefit of the salesman.  Once a lease is signed, the agent turns in the paperwork and is paid a percentage of the entire amount. This encompasses payment up front, which represents the entire duration of the lease. Once you sign it, you are locked in.  Prices for a credit card machine run from as little as $200 to about $500.  A few computer clicks could save you thousands.

Myth #5  "Separate Invoices are Standard"

You should see one bank withdraw from you every month, not two or three!  If you see two or three, you are seeing some additional charges that were tacked on!

Myth #6  "We Offer Month to Month Agreements"

MAYBE.  Read the TOS (Terms of Service) carefully.  It is not uncommon for a sales rep to offer a month to month. The writing in the "TOS" clearly states a length of contract and often a brutal charge for not "honoring" the agreement if you determine that you aren't seeing what you were promised and wish to cancel.  Generally, if they will lie about that, they will lie about other things too!

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