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In order to show our new clients the savings we can provide to them, we usually ask to see a copy of their current processor's credit card statement. Some of our clients are apprehensive about sharing this information with us at first. By providing you the online calculator below, you can easily calculate a way to see your savings, first hand.

How to Calculate Your Savings:

First,  it is important to know your "net effective" rate.  To get this average percentage, divide the amount that you paid the processor by the total credit card volume.  For instance.  If were charged $1000 and did $50,000 in total volume, you would divide $1000 by $50,000 giving you a net effective rate (or percentage) of 2%.

Then, it is important to get your "average ticket." To get average ticket, simply divide gross sales by number of tickets. For instance, if you have $10,000 in volume and 500 tickets, your average ticket is $20.  This is an important number!  If you sell small ticket items, your "net effective" will never be as low as someone who sells high ticket items!

1.  Amount charged for processing/gross sales   "net effective"
2.  Gross Sales / # of Tickets     "average ticket"

Once we have these two numbers, we can determine if your cost basis is FAIR!

By looking at the table below, determine where your average ticket and net effective may fall. If you are paying more than the % listed, we can put money in your pocket. Once you see your savings, call us today at 913.244.1741 or better yet, fax your current credit card statement and contact information directly to our secure fax# ATTN: New Client Relations at 877.202.3798! We can call you the same day to start your savings!

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